Newark, CA – KWJ Engineering has released its new Pocket H2S Pro, a key-fob sized, personal hydrogen sulfide detector that weighs less than one ounce. The nanotechnology-enabled instrument protects from low-level and high-level exposure to H2S, and gives real-time Time Weighted Average, Maximum, and Total Exposure readings. The Pocket H2S Pro also features 3 alarm types, a replaceable coin cell battery, and data/event logging capability.

“All H2S detectors out there do basically the same things,” says company President Dr. Joseph Stetter. “they all have alarms, have a similar range, similar lifetime, etc. Ours is the only one that offers all of those features in a less than one-ounce package. Why carry around a big, bulky instrument to get the same level of protection?”

The Pocket H2S Pro is geared toward the oil and gas industry, HAZMAT teams, water and sewer treatment workers, municipalities, homeland security, or anyone who requires an easy-to-carry, industrial strength H2S monitor. The monitor is also ideal for executives in the above industries who spend only part of their time in the field, and need a convenient, high function H2S detector that they can easily clip to their briefcase, purse, or lapel when necessary.

The Pocket family also includes instruments for detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and ozone.

KWJ Engineering has been an industry leading provider of cutting edge sensor and instrument solutions for gas detection needs since 1993. Founded by Ken Johnson, an industry pioneer for over 60 years, and headed by Dr. Joseph Stetter, a world recognized sensor expert, KWJ Engineering offers products that meet most any industrial or consumer application. Their website address is: