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Health and Safety

Carbon monoxide and air quality monitoring

Ozone and Gas Detection

Leading supplier for environmental monitoring

Air Quality Modules

Air Quality Monitoring for Smart Cities

Health and Safety

Smart City

Ozone Detection

Medical & Industrial

Health and Safety

Wearable Devices for Personal Safety

SPARROW Carbon Monoxide and Air Quality Monitor

Combining trusted sensor technology with Smart Phone integration

  • Monitors carbon monoxide at low and high levels
  • Records high level exposure events with data logging
  • Custom alert settings
  • Designed to fit with the Otterbox uniVERSE case system


Smart City

Air Quality Monitoring for City Infrastructure

Sensor Boards with 4 gas or 7 gas air quality monitoring:  Integrate sensor technology and air quality monitoring into smart city projects


  • Boards built using SPEC Sensors air quality sensors for NO2, CO, SO2, H2S, Temp, Pressure, & Humidity
  • Improving city infrastructure with data from sensor-based solutions
  • Proven results in research settings and large scale city deployment

Ozone Detection

Complete Solutions for Ozone and Gas Detection

Eco Sensors 

International designer, manufacturer, and supplier for ozone monitoring devices and gas detection

  • Handheld instruments
  • Monitors and Controllers
  • Dissolved ozone
  • Electrochemical
  • OEM Board for ozone sensor integration


Medical & Industrial

Gas Detection for Medical and Industrial Applications

Proven Gas Detection Technology for medical and industrial settings

  • In-Line Monitors
  • Pressure alarms
  • Handheld devices


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