Custom engineering with innovative solutions

The KWJ engineering team is a key partner in product development for companies around the globe, from start-ups to market leaders.

Engineering Services

  • Product development and design
  • Circuit design and optimization
  • Advanced characterization and compensation
  • Development of operating firmware and algorithms
  • Enclosure design and implementation
  • Testing and calibration

We can provide engineering solutions for your forward thinking project in air quality, gas safety, or industrial applications.  Our broad based experience in gas detection can help solve your complex monitoring needs.

We look forward to learning morea about your project!

KWJ is experienced in designing products, circuits and integrating sensors into a wide variety of platforms.  Our solutions are real-world tested and tailored to individual project needs.

KWJ is fully equipped with the latest technology for sensor, circuit, and product design.  We serve as a component supplier as well as a full product manufacturer tailored to your specific needs.

Engineering Team

The Engineers are the true backbone of KWJ  

Their diverse backgrounds and real-world experience allow us to excel at custom engineering and product design.