Decontaminate Small Quantities of Water Anywhere

KWJ Patented Micro-Ozone

KWJ Micro-Reactor Design

Bacterial inactivation Chick-Watson kinetics



  • Low cost printed source

  • Low cost, scaleable plastic microreactor

  • Low power battery/solar operation

  • No consumables–No chemicals

  • Ozone deactivates most biologicals by mechanism of cell lysis


  • Potable water for NASA space habitats

  • Water decontamination for:

    • Disaster recovery

    • War zones

    • Earthquakes

    • Fires

    • Tornados

    • Rural parts of developing world

    • Hiking, Camping

Any situation where disinfected water is required


Operating Principles:

  • KWJ’s low power portable ozone source generates ozone on demand using ambient air

  • Ozonation occurs in the two-phase Y-channel microreactor

  • Sub-millimeter mixing channels enable enhanced mass transfer and reaction rates for ozone/water mixing

  • Ozone dissipates to oxygen leaving no residue, taste, or smell

  • Ozone is genotoxic to microorganisms and cell cultures (destructive to DNA)