In-line Monitors for CO and Other Gases


The KWJ 316/310 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor and Alarm is a 115 VAC dust-resistant instrument that can be surface mounted as closely as possible to the air supply, but outside a classified hazardous area. It continuously monitors a compressed air sample and gives an alarm when CO in the sample exceeds a preset level…


The Model A-222 CO monitor is produced for Marco Blastmaster in a weather resistant Pelican case that can be placed or hung at the job site and connected to AC or DC power supply. While continuously monitoring a compressed air sample connected to its sample inlet, the A-222 gives an alarm when CO in the sample exceeds a preset level (adjustable) or there is a discontinuity in the detector circuit.



A-333 Cylinder MEDGAS Low Pressure Alarm is a unique life safety device designed to notify user when bottled Oxygen, Nitrogen, Halocarbon, or air cylinders need to be replenished. Used primarily in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and extended care facilities as well as the testing of MEDGAS pipelines…