Printed Sensors

Marketed and sold under the company/brand SPEC Sensors, SPEC Sensors’ Screen Printed ElectroChemical sensor technology (SPEC Sensor™) revolutionizes the current state of the art, enabling new applications in consumer and industrial safety monitoring. SPEC’s printed sensors oer the performance of the best quality electrochemical sensors at a fraction of the price. SPEC’s printed sensors are also ultra-thin and tiny, offering easy integration into wireless, portable, and network solutions. These sensors are ideal for health, environmental, industrial and residential monitoring, because of their high performance, low cost and small size.



• Smallest Form Factor – <3 mm thin – enables integration into modern wireless electronics, portable instruments, cell phones and other platforms.
• Industrial hygiene and safety performance for a fraction of the price.
• Sensitivity, response time, durability over wide range of temperature, pressure and humidity
• 10 year projected lifetime for remote and extended monitoring
• Ultra-low power (<3 microWatts including circuit) for long life battery or energy harvesting operation
• UL 2034 and EN 50291 approval pending
• Sensors will be available soon to measure H2S, O3, NO2, H2, NH3 and Ethanol

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