(San Francisco, CA)-The new CHIP series gas sensor is making affordable, solid-state gas detection a reality for the industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring industries.

“We are very excited about this new technology”, Vishad Patel, Senior Engineer of Transducer Technology, Inc. says. “The CHIP sensor will put a high performance and cost effective sensor into the hands of people who, before now, had to sacrifice one or the other.”

Media Chip SeriesThe model 16DIPCO sensor [patents pending] is tiny, rugged, accurate, and guaranteed to operate continuously in a wide variety of environments. The 16DIPCO is designed specifically for companies that want a low cost and low power alternative to traditional gas detection methods. The sensor can be used in CO detection applications such as residential carbon monoxide alarms, personal safety, OSHA toxic gas monitoring, fire detection systems, and general carbon monoxide monitoring.

The 16DIPCO sensor is a standard size electronic 16 pin DIP, similar to an operational amplifier, allowing simple, cost-effective integration into existing product designs and electronic circuits. The CHIP sensor requires few parts for operation and control, and has 50% less weight (2gm) and 40% less volume (2.3 cm3) than competitive CO sensors, while maintaining its high performance CO sensing capability.

“There is no reason why manufacturers of monitoring equipment can’t have it both ways,” Patel says. “We expect a huge response to the CHIP sensor & the day is finally here.”

Two other CHIP sensors are already in development for the detection of H2S and NO2. These two variations should be ready for production in 2004, and will offer the same time-tested reliability, low cost, and accurate response as the 16DIPCO sensor.

TTI is a spin off of the Illinois Institute of Technology Sensor Research Group of Dr. Joseph Stetter, Chemistry Professor at IIT, who is an environmental monitoring research and development industry veteran, with hundreds of patents to his name. TTI’s mission is to offer the same reliable high performance sensor technology in use today by the USAF/SAC and NASA, in an affordable, and easily integrated package.

For more information, contact Tom Stetter, Director of Marketing for Transducer Technology, Inc. at tstetter@trandsucertech.com, or you may visit their web site, www.transducertech.com.