Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc. is the premier designer and supplier worldwide of low-cost ozone sensing instruments. These are used to monitor safety in the workplace, control ozone generators, monitor and control processes such as food production and storage, deodorization, sterilization, and measuring ozone dissolved in water. Our instruments are simple, user-friendly and inexpensive. We have also always designed and manufactured VOC (volatile organic compounds) instruments which continue to enjoy market acceptance. Most of our ozone related product have been the result of a client’s R&D project.

Ozone Sensors

Eco Sensors Division of KWJ Engineering Inc. has been in this application for ten years, but through unique R&D designs has many satisfied in diverse applications include monitoring ozone in air and dissolved in water at:

  1. Water treatment plants
  2. Water bottling plant
  3. Ultra pure water plants
  4. Aquariums
  5. Air treatment for offices, conference rooms, casinos
  6. Laundries for healthcare facilities and hotels
  7. Fruit, vegetable and meat storage
  8. Semiconductor manufacturing
  9. Cooling towers
  10. Electric power plants

VOC Sensors

This is Eco Sensors’ original business, starting in 1992. There are many hundreds of customers. Almost are small businesses grouped into these applications:

  • Dry cleaners
  • Woodworking shops
  • Printers
  • Hospital sterilization
  • Chemical operations
  • Hazmat projects
  • Fumigations services
  • Filter verification

Design, Testing, Service and Manufacturing

All manufacturing is done in the USA. Most of our manufacturing is done in an ISO-9000 plant with electronics manufacturing done to IPC-610. As soon as possible, we have our products tested for CE conformity. Our ozone calibration lab has its analyzers calibrated traceable to NIST. We are dedicated to the customer, seeking always to provide the customer with the highest value. We never stop making improvements, minor and major, to keep our products state of the art, and our Research and Development work on the cutting edge. Click the links below for summaries of current ozone related projects.

Water Decontamination Using Ozone-Based Microreactor Technology

NIH-AIDS: Portable Surgical Instrument Sterilizer

NIH: Printed Amperometric Ozone Sensor